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If you are an individual looking to make the most out of your dental scraps, you were more than likely referred to us by your local dentist as a reputable and reliable dental scrap retailer.

Orosil works with thousands of dentists daily, ensuring a respected partnership with all our clients throughout every step of the process. As experts in the dental scrap business, we will find you the highest value for your crown, guaranteed.

If you have specific questions about the process, we have laid out our most frequently asked questions here to help you become an informed expert on the process.

To get started on making cash from your scraps, check out our simple 3 step process and remember to call if you have any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

What happens when rep visits:


What you should expect when your local rep visits your office:


Your rep is sensitive to your professional space and knows that your patients come first. You will be pleased with the way your reps interact in your office and we are confident in our prices and professionalism. This of course if based upon the countless repeat dentists that use our services.


When your repvisits your office please give her/him a place to work away from patients. They will sort the saved scrap into gold crowns (which we call Gold A or Gold B) and PFM crowns (called White A or White B). The “B” designation means that it includes a tooth, post or other extra mass attached to the crown. We adjust the buy price for scrap classified as “B” quality to compensate for non-valuable weight.


After sorting, the rep then weighs each category of scrap scale and itemizes each category’s weight on a purchase offer. Next, they calculate the value of each category based upon current precious metals prices, complete the form and present you with a total price. Upon your acceptance, they will pay you the full value in actual cash. They will leave a copy of the Purchase Offer with you.

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